Pictured above is this year's adult class. Members from left to right are: frt. row, Kerri Yarus, Kim Stainbrook, Cheryl Hannah, Sensei Rick DeVallance, Kerry Garthwaite, Monica Palian, Asst instructor Joe Zawacki. Sec. row, Bruno Romeo, Stephan Luchuck, Tom Gusky, Scott Palian, Matt Erickson. Third row, Greg Gallup and Cory Yarus

Our Kindergarten through second grade students completed their testing for 2014. Advancing students from left to right are: frt. row, Vayda Crana, Harvey Klinger, Alexadria Rake, Michael Stainbrook, Brandon Pennington and Dallas Lowe. Sec. row: Aleah Irwin, Michael Federici, Connor McAllister, Nathan Kougher, Daniel Dixon, Rocco Shuhayda and Ryan Clark. Third row, Sensei Rick DeVallance, Jace Collins, Neal Marhelski and Nathan Irwin.

Pictured are students who completed this years karate program and have completed testing for advancement in 2014. Frt. row from left to right are: Cameron Pennington, Daniel Coon, Jordan Ell, Parker Zeitler, Travis White and Karrissa Coon. Sec. row: Matthew Taylor, Trenton Gaffney, Lydia Dixon, Jacob Miller and Blaze Welpott. Third row: Sensei Rick DeVallance, Levi Thompson, Caleb Thompson and Evan McDowell

Many of the students picture above represent five years or more of studying the Martial Arts. Our karate program represents three traditional style and the above students have entered or about to enter the study of Kun Tao, Indonesian fighting Arts the root of our school. Pictured left to right are: Jaedon Yarus, Derek Strouse, Delaney Yarus, Aisha Shaffer, Alec Jenkins, Devin Clark, Peyton Grimm, and Connor Hamby. Sec.row: Matthew McGinnis (black belt) Ryan McGinnis, Rebecca Liddle, Andrew Boyle, Garrett Kerstetter, Dante Armanini, Timothy Stainbrook, Maddy Hannah and William Boyle (black belt). Third row: Tanner Thomas, Layton Yarus, Tanner Connor, Sensei Rick DeVallance, Mason Biggie, Lane Shaffer and Lucas Buchanan.


Karate students of Rick's Academy of Self Defense, DuBois, PA, recently held their annual awards night. Students of the Karate Kids Club along with the adult students are shown receiving their promotions.


Joeseph Zawacki, a member of Rick's Academy of Self Defense recently received his First Degree Black Belt. Picture from left to right are the school's black belt instructors: Ian Pifer, second degree; Rick DeVallance, eighth degree and owner of Rick's Academy of Self Defense; Sarah Hummel, first degree black belt; Joseph Zawacki, and Matt Erickson, first degree black belts.


Pictured above from left to right, receiving their awards are advanced student's of Rick's Academy of Self Defense: Anthony Depello, Crystal Clinger, Courtney Clinger, Shawn Caldwell, Kevin Cameron, Mason Biggie, Nolan Fairman, Conner Tanner, Gannon Clark, and Nathan Hallowell. Second row: Joseph Shaffer, Adam Fritz, Evan Welsh, Andrew Frost, Hunter Spencer, Josh Smith, Valla Palmiere, Luke Shaffer, Rachel Dinsmore, Cassandra Caldwell, Heather Caldwell, Instructors Rick DeVallance, and Katie Ellinger.

Pictured above from left to right: Front row, Alec Kavolyak, Zachary George, Lucas Buchanan, Ryan McGinnis, Jimmy Defazio, Brady Johnson, Tommy Demauro. Second row: Amber Corbeil, Deanna Condron, Layton Yarus, Jackson Frank, Hunter Rhine, Matthew McGinnis, William Boyle, Tyson Titler and Andrew Boyle. Back row: Auckie Fenstermacher, Jedidiah Garthwaite, Katie Ellinger, Rick DeVallance, Patrick Rutledge, Keisha Ritsick and Brandon Corbeil. New karate classes for kids begin in October.

Team Amer. I.K.A.

Team Amer. I. K. A., the competition team of Rick's Academy Self Defense, recently competed in a Karate Tournament in Bellefonte. All students pictured received places in the tournament. The team represents students in the Karate Kids Club and the Adult division. Pictured left to right are: First row, Matthew McGinnis, Ryan McGinnis, William Boyle, Andrew Boyle, Nolan Fairman, Nathan Halowell, Layton Yarus. Second row: Rick DeVallance, Andrew Frost, Shelby Snyder, Katie Ellinger, Andrew Douglass, Auckie Fenstermacher, Joseph Shaffer, Cory Yarus and Matt Erickson.


Team Amer. I.K.A. WINNERS

Left to right: first and second place winners, William Boyle, Andrew Douglass and Matthew McGinnis with instructor Rick DeVallance.

Left to right, instructor Rick Devallance with first place winners Katie Ellinger and Adam Fritz.


Rick's Academy of Self Defense recently held their awards presentation for their Adult Karate Class. The adult program begins with the study of American Kenpo and Shotokan Karate. Once a student reaches intermediate advance ranking, not only do they continue their study of the two previously mentioned styles, but they begin their study of Kun Tao - Indonesian Fighting Arts. Pictured above front row left to right are Joe Zawacki and Renee Palmiere, who received their brown belts, and Sarah Hummel, black belt instructor. Second row left to right are head instructor Rick DeVallance, seventh degree black belt, Matt Erickson, first degree black belt, and Ian Pifer, second degree black belt. Classes are held on the second floor of the DuBois Harley Davidson building.

Pictured is the Adult Karate Class receiving their belt advancement at Rick's Academy of Self Defense. Adult karate classes consist of all material required to advance in three styles of martial arts: Kun Tao, American Kenpo and Shotokan. Classes are held on Tuesday nights at the dojo located on the second floor of the DuBois Harley Davidson building. Front row left to right: Monica Palian, Joe Zawacki, Renee Palmiere, Sarah Hummel, Damon Corby, Kerry Garthwaite. Second row: Rick DeVallance (head instructor), Tom Gusky, Robert Thurston, Matt Pella, Zach Weisner, Travis Parrott, Stephen Luchuck, Matt Erickson. Third row: Scott Palian Cory Yarus, Larry Schachter, Ian Pifer, (Assistant Instructor).


The Karate Kids Club represents a large group of kids from kindergarten through tenth grade. These students have classes twice a week which includes after school and evenings. Most students attend both classes which are taught by Rick DeVallance at Rick's Academy of Self Defense located in the Dubois Harley Davidson Building. New students wanting to be a part of this exciting and growing program need to attend an eight to twelve week orientation program before being accepted into the Karate Kids Club. New beginner programs are offered only twice a year, once in October and then again in March. New student registration is now open for our October orientation classes.

Pictured above are the hard-working students of one of our Karate Kids classes. Front row left to right: Joshua Gaus, Amber Corbeil, Blake Saunders, Garrett Kerstetter, Ryan McGinnis, William Boyle, Austin Wilson, Emily Rahalla. Second row: Jamie Houston, Shelby Snyder, Chase Slima, Hunter Ryan, Matthew McGinnis, Noah Gaus, Jackson Frank, Tanner Thomas. Third row: Jesse Nissel, Layton Yarus, Deanna Condrin, Trent Holben. Fourth row: Auckie Fenstermacher, Tyson Titler, Keisha Ritsick, Dalton Powers, Jedediah Garthwaite, Soloman Seduski, Andrew Douglass, Patrick Rutledge, Rick DeVallance (head instructor).

The Karate Kids Club advanced class consists of the following students who received their awards at Rick's Academy of Self Defense. Front row left to right: Mason Biggie, Bradyn Schwabenbauer, Shawn Caldwell, Keith Zeliger, Austin Cogley. Second row: Heather Caldwell, Rachel Dinsmore, Brandon Corbeil, Valla Palmiere, Evan Welsh, Andrew Frost, Leah Palian, Sarah Toney. Third row: Ian Pifer, Cassandra Caldwell, Joe Shaffer, Stephen Moorhouse, Nick Lingenfelter, Adam Fritz, Rick Devallance (head instructor), Katie Ellinger.


Katie Ellinger received her Shodan Black belt at Rick's Academy of Self Defense awards ceremony. Katie is an excellent student who began her study in September 2000. Only in kindergarten at the time, she has demonstrated the true meaning of discipline, perseverance and physical abilities and has set new standards for the school. Katie is the youngest student in the history of the school, which is over 30 years old, to receive such an honor. She is a top competitor throughout the state and has earned the respect of the school and students. Katie will continue her advancement and will now begin teaching karate at the school. Shown with Katie is seventh degree black belt Rick DeVallance and second degree black belt Ian Pifer.

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