Rick's Academy of Self Defense
Rick's Academy of Self Defense
Kun Tao
Indonesian Fighting Arts

DuBois, Pennsylvania

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Beginner Classes

Karate Kids Club

New students will participate in our orientation classes on Thursday nights before entering our Karate Kids Club after school and evening programs. These classes for beginners are offered October of each year. Orientation classes run for approximately twelve weeks. This gives the instructor the time needed to make sure the new student is able to learn the material and gives the parents time to evaluate the programs before entering into our regular scheduled classes.

Adult Classes for Men and Women

Our Adult programs are on Wednesday nights at 7:15 p.m. This is a traditional karate class with uniforms and testing for belt advancement.

See adult classes for details

Adult Self Defense Classes for Men and Women

This is a weekly program held on Monday nights at 7:15.

Registration for all programs is on the first night of class. All beginner classes listed above always start in October.